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No more bullsh*t. Just results.

You don’t want to pay for ads because the price keeps going up. The rising cost of goods, shipping, and Amazon fees constantly eats your margins. Then, you find that more and more of Amazon’s search results are paid, driving down your placement.
It’s tough. But there is a solution. It isn’t fancy—it just works. It’s Amazon PPC.

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PPC Done the Right Way

To understand how Sponsored Profit does PPC, we need to look at the way other agencies do PPC.
Most advertising agencies work by charging you, the client, as much as possible. That’s how they make money. So they might request a bunch of research or tell you to expand your ad spend. The more you pay, the more they earn.
Good for them. Bad for you.
Sponsored Profit was started by Amazon sellers who thought this could be done better. So we came up with a different approach:
That’s probably why 18% of our clients leave with 5 to 8-figure exits. Now that’s Amazon PPC done the right way.

Sponsored Profit’s

So, how do we make it work? With our proprietary software AdManager tool. We designed it to maximize your advertising ROI.











Amazon PPC with Proven Results,
No Gimmicks

How do we know it all works? Our clients. They stay with us for an average of 11.5 months, compared to the industry average of 3 months. That lets you know we deliver real, sustainable results.
So get ready to maximize your Amazon sales with our expert PPC management.
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