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Disclaimer: Read First
We aren’t able to work with every company that applies to our media coverage services. That’s because many companies cannot realistically meet the likely increase in demand. But if your company has a great product or service and is ready for a massive inflection point, here you go. You found it.

Media coverage is your new superpower.

Media coverage is everything. It drives interest directly while making your name the top response on search engines like Google. The short and long-term benefits of this make it almost unfair to your competition
Of course, social media helps. Sure, getting a good-looking website is wonderful. But these are all just a drop in the bucket compared to widespread media coverage and top performance on Google.
Sponsored Profit gets you both. Our media services get your business national coverage with a local focus, allowing you to grow to new levels you never thought possible and thrive at any level of your journey.

Why is media coverage
the most important ingredient to success?

For local businesses, being seen and trusted by potential customers is your bread and butter. Media coverage does that directly. But it also supercharges your presence on search engines like Google.
So whenever someone in your area opens their phone to find the products or services you offer, you’ll be the first name they see.

How does Sponsored Profit
get great media coverage for partners?

Get to Know Your Company
Because of the value of these media connections, it’s important that we get to know your company well. That’s why we have to vette our clients before offering them this service.
Generate Newsworthy Content
If you are a good match, we connect you with next-level creators to turn your business message into extremely shareable content.
Create a High-end Multimedia Package
It’s great to have fantastic content, but today, everyone has fantastic content. You need to go one step further and deliver it across multiple channels. Most importantly, you need to…
Push Out to Media Partners
This is where most business owners start to freak out. They see their company’s name on major news sites and all over the internet, and it feels like that just couldn’t be real. Well, it is real. That’s the power of leveraging media connections.

Build a Campaign That
Changes Everything

Build a Campaign That Changes Everything If your company can handle what comes after excessive media exposure, then you’ll be able to literally capture lightning in a bottle. This could be that moment you’ve been waiting for to reach the next level.
So what are you waiting for?
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