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My name is Darrell Paterson, and my journey with Sponsored Profit started in 2013.
Before then, I was a Royal Navy aircraft engineer, working with intricate parts and seeing how they fit together to form a system. When it was time for a change, I knew I wanted to use those same skills while helping people
I started my own small business, and it was there that I saw firsthand the biggest challenge small businesses face: marketing.
When you’re the little guy, nobody knows about your products and services. But to get them to know about it, you need to fork over a lot of money to an ad agency.
What are small business owners supposed to do?
You don’t have the marketing budget, but you can’t get the budget until you have the marketing.
That’s when I realized I’d found a way to help people by re-engineering the ad agency to fit the needs of small business owners.

The Sponsored Profit Journey

I launched Sponsored Profit with a mission: to level the playing field so the underdog could fight fair and square with the big, faceless corporations.
It’s been quite a journey so far. I’ve been fortunate enough to:
So what made the difference?

The Old Model vs.
The Sponsored Profit Model


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